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About Perfetto Industrieroboter

To provide an entire service portfolio within the scope of industry robotics, in 2013 I founded and established Perfetto Industrieroboter GmbH. Our goal is to provide our customers all required services from a single source - worldwide.

We believe that the most sustainable business policy is based on the satisfaction of our customers - only a house based on a strong grounding takes weight.

About Luigi Perfetto

I was born in 1980 in Aversa, 150 km south of Rome.

Due to my interest in technology and construction, I decided to study Informatics and Telecommunication at Istituto Tecnico Industriale and at Ingegneria delle Telecomunicazioni in Cassino (Lazio) after my high-school diploma.

During my studies, I had several chances to work in automotive production sites. This is where my heart started beating for automation and modern technology. After my studies, as an employee of an Italian automation company, I played an active part in various projects in Italy, Spain, Sweden and Germany. In 2008, I continued my job as a freelancer.



Perfetto-Industrieroboter GmbH
Rathausstr. 18
76287 Rheinstetten / Karlsruhe

Tel.: +49 (0)721 / 15642577
Fax: +49 (0)721 / 47039303

E-Mail: info@perfetto-industrieroboter.de